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Clitheroe Security Website is LIVE!!!

Clitheroe Security bring CCTV Installation to Clitheroe

Clitheroe Security has added its flair to Wellgate in Clitheroe, their unique style of taking the outside into the showroom has to been seen to be fully appreciated.

North Web Design was very pleased to create another website for Clive and Hollie. They have had great success as Accrington Aerials and thus needed a a new base.

The Logo

A business needs good branding, this is your first impression to your potential customer.

North Web Design work very closely with RM Design who created a logo for Clitheroe Security.

Clitheroe Security

Clive and Hollie embraced their new branding with signage, vehicle livery, business cards, stationary and work wear.

They have made their presence felt at 14 Wellgate in Clitheroe with a complete refit of the health shop.

The Website

It was now time to tackle the internet, the CCTV Installation market is a busy one, ranging from reputable businesses to a man with a ladder and an idea.

Clive is extremely knowledgeable in CCTV and security solutions, trust me he can go on (Chuckle). We wanted to show this in the website, so all packages are very thorough in their specification.

Hollie took the rains with the website, several meetings and calls soon got us underway.

North Web design wanted to capture Clive's core values in the website, family, honesty, great service and expertise.

As I often say, People spend money with people above corporations.

We tackled the navigation of the site with simple clear imagery to show off the various packages Clitheroe Security offer.

We then started the build, formatting pages and images, adding menu navigation, we guided Hollie with privacy policy and policy notice to adhere to GDPR requirements.


We needed some imagery for the website, so it's time to dust of the camera and go capture the team and showroom.

It was a fun shoot, very relaxed, Kids, guys climbing on vans and getting them all doing jazz hands for the real smiles.


Social Media

Hollie is head of social media at Clitheroe Security and know's the importance of keeping brand awareness out their in today's competitive market place.

She broke her teeth with me on Accrington Aerial blogs and sharing to all social media platforms, I have to say Hollie puts her own quirky style on her posts which always makes them a fun read.

Hollie is launching the new website with a competition, check out Clitheroe Security Facebook page for full details.


Let the google battle begin, only joking, North Web Design have a great track record with the SEO of websites.

We build the SEO into the core of the site, we are whitehat no witchy wizards here.

A steady drip feed to google and lots of informative posts from Hollie and we will soon be top of the pile.


The Future

North Web Design wish Clive & Hollie and their Clitheroe Security team a very successful future.

Call North Web Design on 07595 479 351 to bring your web and social media presence to life.

Clive and Hollie's Feedback

"My partner Clive had been working with North Web Design before i took over. I walked into my first meeting with Sean blind, I was nervous, did not know what to expect.

I felt like I was going to be completely out of my comfort zone. I'm clueless about anything to do with computers, let alone websites.

Within that first meeting I was put completely at ease. Everything was explained to me in a way even i could understand.

I've spent a lot of time with Sean now, and through his help and advice I can now say, updating the website has to be my favourite aspect of my job.

We've recently opened another business and Sean was our go to guy for the new website and its amazing.

We can't thank him enough for his valued expertise.

We have definitely gained a family friend in Sean and I couldn't recommend him enough.

His brew making skills are definitely a bonus.”

Clive and Hollie of Clitheroe Security.

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