SSL Certificate


SSL Certificate

Why Do I Need SSL?

With so much of our day to day transactions and communications happening online, there is very little reason for not using a SSL Certificate.

An SSL Certificate supports the following information security principles:

Encryption: protect data transmissions (e.g. browser to server, server to server, application to server, etc.)

Authentication: ensure the server you’re connected to is actually the correct server.

Data integrity: ensure that the data that is requested or submitted is what is actually delivered.

SSL can be used to secure:

Online credit card transactions or other online payments.

Intranet-based traffic, such as internal networks, file sharing, extranets and database connections.

Web mail servers like Outlook Web Access, Exchange and Office Communications Server.

The connection between an email client such as Microsoft Outlook and an email server such as Microsoft Exchange.

The transfer of files over HTTPS and FTP(s) services, such as website owners updating new pages to their websites or transferring large files.

System logins to applications and control panels like Parallels, cPanel and others.

Workflow and virtualization applications like Citrix Delivery Platforms or cloud-based computing platforms.

Hosting control panel logins and activity like Parallels, cPanel and others.


How Do I Get SSL?

To adopt SSL in your business, you should purchase an SSL Certificate from your web hosting provider.

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